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"Our arrangement of the Tides of Time/Medusa Bay uses harmonic progressions inspired by English-Romantic composers like Herbert Howells (1892-1983) and Sir Edward Elgar (1857-1934). Beginning the track with the 'Tides of Time' felt a little jarring, so we borrowed the 'Medusa Bay' theme to provide a contrasting introduction. Tim Poulin (arranger) was inspired to write the text after playing through the first two games and heavily researching the overarching storyline of the Ecco series.
We recorded the music at Saint Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, where many of us sing on a weekly basis. The organ at Saint Paul's is the oldest pipe organ in San Diego (1887) and recently underwent a $1.5 Million restoration a few years ago. Post-restoration, it now stands as one of the finest in the country. We are extremely lucky to have access to such a great space to record, as well as so very fortunate to have an opportunity to join in on the fun for this project! The average age of the group is 25, so many of us distinctly remember Ecco the Dolphin as being a part of our 90's childhood."
— Angel Mannion (Merlin)


The Asterite has power to guard the Earth (with Ecco's help)
When all its globe-like body parts are joined
The Vortex Queen's devouring all the sea
She's scattered all the Asterite's life globes
Gather the globes from the sea
To heal Asterite's body
Travel in time to find the remaining globe; bring it home!
Ecco and dolphins unite with the Ancient Asterite
Only your powers of song can destroy the queen and her drones!
Ecco has saved the sea bringing peace to all ocean life


from SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin, released January 3, 2016
Performed by Folklore Guild
◦ Martin Green – Pipe Organ
◦ Angel Mannion (Merlin) – Conducting
◦ Kelsey Young, Lauragrace Havens, Libby Weber, Megan Maher, Sara Abernethy, Carly Newman, Ciarlene Coleman, Desi Admire, Jillian Jackson, Sarah Wilkerson, Andrea Norris, Clara Valenzuela, Danielle Post, Meredith Yokoyama, and April Fisher – Soprano Vocals
◦ Ellie Mout, Kayla Gauteraux, Elly Roseberry, Vanessa Dinning, Natalie Moran, Alexis Olaes, Amanda Clifford, Clay Halbert, Jazmin Oliver, and October Deyoung – Alto Vocals
◦ Alvin Almazan, Dan Moyer, Mitch Rosenthal, Colin Barkley, Larry Woodford, Yo Oh, Kion Arnold, Timmy Simpson, and Brad Fox – Tenor Vocals
◦ Aaron Bullard, Jon Gonzales, Paul Young, Ron Hilley, Marcos Melero, Thomas Lokensgard, Chris Cronje, John Welch, Kenji Green, and Kurt Wong – Bass Vocals
Arrangement and Lyrics by Tim Poulin
Mixing by Angel Mannion (Merlin)
Based on "Medusa Bay" from Ecco the Dolphin (Sega Genesis), Composed by Spencer Nilsen, András Magyari, and Brian Coburn; and "Title Theme" from Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega Genesis), Composed by Attila Héger, Attila Dobos, András Magyari, and Andy Armer




SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin Long Beach, California

140 musicians, 39 tracks, and nearly three hours of all-new video game covers! Bands and artists from all over the world have come together to pay homage to Sega’s unsung aquatic hero...Ecco! This album is dolphin-safe and totally FREE to download!

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